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"We are working with Breda to develop our cultural strategy, develop high performing teams and helping our country partners build recruitment and retention strategies in line with our commercial vision and intent. Breda’s experience in organisational development is an exceptional asset for maintaining our brand as we expand and rollout globally."

Debbie Richardson, Director, Threeby3

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“What can we say? Keltie first started working with Breda and Phil a little over four years ago when the firm was at a quite critical point on its growth curve and we needed help with direction. They engaged us with energy and sensitivity and brought a good dose of wisdom to assist our decision making. Breda’s warmth and passion for culture really resonated with our own thinking and she has a real knack for picking up on the critical cultural points quickly. She is an exceptionally good listener. Phil has a wealth of real-life business experience which means you can’t help but trust his judgment, which for Keltie has always been absolutely spot on. He has fantastic insight.


Working with Breda and Phil has certainly never felt like “work”. They are a joy to spend time with and they continue to energise us as the relationship deepens”.

Joanna Hopley, PhD.,  Partner, Keltie

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‘I have known both Breda and Phil for a long time – particularly Breda – she wont like that cos it makes her sound old.

The Restless team are great fun – and can make even the most difficult stuff do-able. Their focus on both the cultural and commercials aspects of a business is vital for proper balance – and why we get out of bed in the morning!’

Frank Bastow, CEO, Bastows


"Working with Phil and Breda was like switching the lights back on in the business after an extended period of stagnation. They brought technical rigour and personal passion to the table, they helped identify what was truly great about the business and what needed improving, and they paved the way for a brand new vision, mission and set of values that have been absolutely key to driving our next level of growth. They helped me amplify the aspects of my leadership that really set us apart from the competition, and ditch the aspects that no longer served. Phil and Breda don’t just care about business they care about people, their input will not only catalyse your commercial expansion, but also the heart and soul expansion of your leadership, your team’s engagement with the mission, and your customer loyalty and advocacy. "

Mandana White, CEO, Smart Grid Forums

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"In line with our fast business growth I implemented a fairly young Senior Leadership Team consisting of very talented and highly skilled people.

With our collective ambition to expand our business more internationally, that included my move as CEO away from the HQ to New York, I wanted to ensure the team is fully prepared for that change whilst exploring their full potential.

Phil and Breda were exactly the kind of support I was seeking for who very quickly understood the culture of our business and the drive of our people by identifying their own strength and weaknesses.

We had individual coach sessions as well as group sessions followed with 360 feedback exercises and more. I’m delighted to say that every one of the Leadership team (me included) found the support they received to date not only very helpful for their own personal & professional development but it made us as a team much stronger and better. As the owner and CEO of a restless business, Breda & Phil couldn’t be a better match for our needs and I’m glad to count on their continued support as our brand growths."

Bernd Radaschitz, CEO/ Co-Founder, Lanserring


"As Professionals, we all haves skills, talents and challenges. When we come together we can achieve great thing or we can clash. Breda and Phil have exceptional insight into the way people tend to think, the helpful and unhelpful patterns of behaviour we can all easily find ourselves working in.


Restless Business has a knack of taking the big, fundamental challenges of growing a business, articulating them in deceptively simple terms and then offering practical tools to make meaningful improvements. The simplification of the challenges belies the meticulous research and experience that underpins their work, creating a memorable and reasoned toolkit to facilitate personal growth in the context of a broader set of business needs. 

With Restless business you can expect more… you pay more, but you get more  meaningful value than you were expecting for you and your professional operation." 

Alex Beaugeard, Lanserring.jpg

 Alex Beaugeard, Director of Design, Lanserring


"I've known and worked with Phil for more than 20 years. It's clear to me that he has a sincere belief in supporting and developing employees at all levels, and that this has been at the heart of the significant financial results he's achieved across numerous businesses.

His natural passion and strength of belief are infectious and he repeatedly inspires others to achieve more than they had previously believed possible.

I have seen many successful managers and leaders evolve under his mentorship and practical guidance. I believe his methods and approaches to be extremely transferable and useful for anyone looking to enhance personal effectiveness, transform motivation levels and productivity - and generate improved financial performance!"

Russell Wilcox, Group CEO, Clarion Events


"10 years in blue chip companies, 15 years building up a business…. but more recently a growing restlessness around, what next, what do I really want from my next chapter? To help me unlock some of these answers, Breda was the perfect tonic. She provides a warm, calm and truly engaging environment whilst knowing exactly when and how to probe deeper and uncover the breadcrumbs leading to greater self-discovery and awareness. Add into the mix, a call for action and a gentle nudge when required, the outcomes provide a defined path to embark on to create a new future."

Steve Marsh, CEO, Innovative Edge


"I found myself staring out of the window. I had so many thoughts and ideas racing around my brain and difficulty in getting them in to some form of sense.

I called Phil, and within a short space of time, things became clearer. We spoke again soon after, as being at the top does not mean you have all the answers.

Phil’s reassurance and then guidance, has put us on the road to significantly growing our business, but just as important, growing as people."


Kevin Wilson, Director, Constant Power Services


"The events businesses for which Phil Ives had responsibility at Gobal Data plc enjoyed truly exceptional growth and success throughout the challenging trading circumstances of 2009 and 2010 - a period when the vast majority of the competition was retrenching. He brings a rare level of energy and upbeat passion to any business, generating the highest levels of performance from his people. He is swift to identify key areas for improvement, and drives significant and critical change in a positive, high motivation environment."

Mike Danson, CEO, GLOBAL DATA plc

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"Working with Breda and Phil was a transformational experience for our firm and for me personally. Organisations are living, breathing, emotional things, which require a clear mission and the right structure and focus to be successful. Breda and Phil’s guidance helped us to better understand this and gave us the tools we needed to reposition ourselves. Crucially, they were fun to work with, most of the time!"

Ian McDonald, Former Chief Investment Officer, Arden Asset Management New York


"We have worked with Breda and Phil for around two years. During that time they have helped guide, coach and mentor us (the management and the firm as a whole) through what I regard as a defining co-creative process.


This process allowed us to get the clarity needed to firstly articulate our Vision and thereafter the structure to plan and implement a tailor-made strategy to achieve that Vision.


Both from a personal and professional level Breda and Phil each bring something unique and complimentary to the party. They have a sound knowledge and understanding of people and business. As a team they are excellent facilitators able to manage competing interests and able to help guide any room to a much needed consensus - even at the most crucial of times.


Given that change and change management is not for the faint hearted and often entails blood, sweat and tears I am grateful for their contribution in helping define and craft the next stages of my firm’s development. But for them, much of what we are currently embarking on was unthinkable two years ago and as such I am happy to highly recommend them."


Michael Kashis, Managing Partner, Bishop & Sewell LLP

"Phil’s been our coach and mentor for the past five years.  During that time, our business has transitioned through rapid growth, doubling our headcount and expanding the business in to a multi-disciplined entity.  There is no doubt that without Phil’s guidance, we would never have been able to achieve what we have done, at the pace we have.  Put simply, he’s enabled us to grow from a cottage industry in to a fully-fledged SME that has been recognized as one of the Top 100 places to work in the UK by the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies award.  Whilst we knew how to run an Estate Agency, we didn’t have the skills or knowledge of how to scale a business.  With Phil’s help we’ve done this organically, cohesively and safely.  This has positioned the business such that it can now fully leverage its position in the area it operates."

Karl Judd, Managing Director, Ashtons

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