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So what is culture?

‘The way we do things around here’ is often cited.

‘The way we’ve allowed things to be done around here’ – may be more accurate!

Culture can of course be both bad and/or good. At Restless Business, our approach is to identify what’s going on under both headings, and then to capitalise on one and decrease the other. I’m guessing you know which is which!?

Whatever your definition, culture could never be more important than now:

  • Relationships

  • Communication

  • Behaviour

  • Belonging

  • Connection

  • Organisational health

  • Feelings/energy

As we bring furloughed people back – or sadly don’t bring some back – we need to support all of them in reconnecting or moving on – in the kindest and most respectful way possible.

Patrick Lencioni – of whom I’m a great fan! – describes Organisational Health as ‘not at all touchy feely, and it’s far more important than mere culture. More than a side dish, it is the flavour enhancer for the meat and potatoes.’ What is more ‘the health of an organisation provides context for strategy and finance and marketing and technology’without which we cannot operate.

I remember in 2008 when, amid that economic downturn, we ran workshops for highly pressurised business owners. We asked them “how are you investing in your people and your culture”. They were not. Their business plans invariably did not have a single entry about people and culture.

I am hoping the world is different now. I think most of us recognise the importance of culture, behaviour, and people – organisational health! #patricklencioni. It is a long time since I’ve heard it described as ‘the fluffy stuff’. Phil and I certainly remember one client calling it ‘Kumbaya’ but then acknowledging that it was the most important thing in his business – a New York based Asset management business!

My speciality is culture, behaviour, and vision – and my partners and I have a myriad of case studies where putting this front and centre drives commercial success and importantly brings energy! One such has been a Sunday Times Top 100 Company To Work For for years, and, despite their industry being drastically impacted by the lockdown, they have just enjoyed their best ever month’s business. Spot the cultural/commercial correlation!

If you so choose, you could decide that now is wonderful opportunity to check in on your culture – and, if needs be, refine it – or redefine it if needs be. We have more control than ever in defining our post-covid world.

Come along to one of our free webinars if you’re interested in finding out more about this – or the other elements of our 9 step growth formula.

‘Culture isn’t one thing – culture is everything’

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