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Fri, Sep 04



How to apply the 9-step framework for growing your business, faster.

Are you restless for growth? Leverage the predictability of business performance to accelerate your growth and scale up quickly.

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How to apply the 9-step framework for growing your business, faster.


Sep 04, 2020, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM GMT+1


About the Event

Why do some businesses manage to keep growing, whilst others stall or just plain stop??

And why do some grow so much faster than others?

Why do business owners and managers have such a huge range of assumptions as to what ‘fast growth’ really means, and what is really possible?

The Amercian economist David Birch, founder of Cognetics and offical keeper of business statistics, developed the idea of ‘Gazelle’ companies – namely those which grow (from $1m turnover) by 20% every year, year on year, for a minimum of 4 consecutive years. These are not ancient behemoths, nor excited start ups. These are companies that really grow, and, in so doing, create 70% of all new jobs.

If you are a ‘gazelle’, you are in an elite 4% of businesses. For some, even this isn't fast enough.

Some ‘gazelles’ know how they did it and it’s all explained by our 9 step framework, which is applicable to any business (or organsiation, even those running as not-for-profit).

Are you restless enough for growth? Because we’re restless to share this framework with those looking to drive significant growth in today’s world and create those badly needed new jobs – yes, even in today’s changed world!

If you’re sufficiently intrigued to know what it means to you, why not risk an hour of your life by jumping on our webinar!

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