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Restless Business has existed as a concept since 2011, and was formalised by Breda Ferarrio and Phil Ives in March 2020. We are united by, and passionately committed to, a common purpose.


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The fact of the matter is that many business owners and leadership teams around the world simply don’t adequately enjoy the very thing which occupies the majority of their waking hours. Our purpose is to transform their lives by equipping them with the business skills and tools needed to accelerate through the inflection points – “brick walls” – that inevitably show up with growth.

We know that unrealised commercial performance generates
‘restless’ energy.

At certain times, of course, this can feel hugely positive.

However, as so many have found, if this isn’t galvanized correctly, a business will end up being run by default rather than by design.  Its people will become frustrated, stressed, and, ultimately, disillusioned.  85% of these businesses will then decline.

The launch of Restless Business coincided with a world turned upside down and inside out. For many, perhaps most, this has required redesign, reset and transformation in order to re-imagine a successful future. And this is what we do.

Most of our clients have been working through a fundamental
paradigm shift. Some have already decided to move away from more traditional office-based working to remote, digital team environments on a permanent basis. Many are collaborating as never before with other companies to achieve new innovations, products and services. We observe a dawning realisation that being kind to each other works best for all.

If you think you may be one of these ‘restless’ organisations, and would be interested in working with us, please know that at the heart of our business is transformation, leverage and, on occasion, disruption.

Having recently conducted an extensive survey on how business consultants are perceived and judged by the wider market, we are proud that we deliver value through a truly different, collaborative approach, where mutual honesty and transparency are essential - if sometimes challenging.

Our clients are our partners, we help them to understand their energy and how to harness it to transform performance without becoming dependent on external support. We do this by putting ourselves in their shoes, focusing – passionately and relentlessly – on ‘their roses’ and not on ‘our fertiliser’.

And we’re not for everyone:

Whether you are two years into your journey, or a long-established corporate, be clear that having fun is core to the way we work, even when working through ‘difficult’ situations. This energy, combined with expertise, passion for learning and a burning desire for growth is who we are.

Breda and Phil

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